Private Therapy London, Richmond Therapist

Joanna Stokoe
Integrative Psychotherapist
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hi, I’m Joanna. I might just be your new supervisor.


Let me tell you a little about myself in how I work.


I am analytical in nature, which spreads into my work. I consider myself primarily an Integrative Psychotherapist. I have an HPD, ADCH, PsyDip and numerous other qualifications. I'm registered with the NCIP, CNHC, NSPSY and NCH. I am also trained in solution focused Counselling and Hypnotherapy, for those who work as solution focused therapists. I work with a neuroscience understanding within my practice, which I find helps my clients understand themselves that bit more. I have over 4 years (full time) supervised clinical experience. I am also a university speaker and student mentor.


I thoroughly enjoy the partnership between supervisor and supervisee.

Being part of the care and wellness industry can be isolating at times, being unable to speak to others about caseloads or even loved ones about your day at work. Supervision is essential and rewarding, for both parties.

I’m a deep thinker, so I enjoy complex and puzzling cases, taking many factors into consideration, not only how I would work with the client in question but also how you work, to adjust recommendation and support. As a supervisor, I work with the seven-eyed model

(Inskip and Proctor), looking at all areas of relationship within practice. Paying attention to the client; the interventions; the client-therapist relationship; the therapist themselves; the supervisor/supervisee relationship; my own reactions as a supervisor; and, as relevant, the wider context - social, cultural or organisational.


I work with you and your caseloads, meaning, I appreciate that you are the one who is with your client, your responses and thinking have to come from you, authentically, to show your client transparency. Teaching you to think more openly and to consider another view is essential. To ‘’see the wood through the trees’’ and have a ‘’birds-eye-view’’ is best for good practice and a healthier mindset.

I am a strong advocate for the wellness of my supervisees - Looking at healthy detachment from the client and leaving their work for them – whether this is end of therapy or between sessions. I also promote healthy ‘recharging’ and I can help you to understand your needs for replenishment.


Ethics and principles are what hold up the therapeutic community and it’s something that I bring to supervision – Allowing my supervisees to really consider ethics in their ways of working and relationship with their clients.


I also have a strong business mindset, this can be included in our sessions, to better support your business in care, for the longevity.


I am familiar with UKCP, BACP, NCIP, NCH, IHA, CNHC and NSPsy ethics, practice and guidelines.

If I sound like a good fit for you and you're are looking for someone to challenge you in your practice and client work, contact me.

For any other questions - Please contact me directly via Email, text or call.

I look forward to working with you.