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Joanna Stokoe
Clinical Supervisor (NCIP Accred)

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Hi, I’m Joanna. I might just be your new Supervisor.

Let me tell you a little about me:

Choosing to become a therapist felt like a natural journey for me, akin to answering a 'calling'. My exploration into psychotherapeutic interventions began in my early 20s.

Given my personal history and my experience processing my own trauma, I quickly realized, "this is what I'm meant to do with my life".

I proceeded to undertake formal education as an Integrative Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Subsequently, I started my private practice, a decision I've never regretted. After five years, I chose to expand my professional role by studying Clinical Supervision, aiming to lend my support to fellow practitioners in the field.

I've discovered that I deeply value and appreciate the Therapist-Supervisor Relationship.

In terms of my therapy practice, I operate from a Trauma-informed, Compassionate, Person-Centred, and Psychodynamic stance. Within this approach, I also incorporate elements from Attachment Theory, Polyvagal Theory, Gestalt, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Parts Therapy, EMDR, Flash Technique, and beyond.

Joanna Stokoe Supervision.jpeg
Joanna Stokoe Supervision.jpeg
Joanna Stokoe Supervision.jpeg

More on My Approach to Supervision:

As a Supervisor accredited by the NCIP, I engage with therapists who are either registered or accredited with BACP and NCIP, providing Clinical Supervision.

The relationship between Therapist and Supervisor is something I truly value and derive pleasure from nurturing.

In my supervisory approach, I employ a combination of models: the Seven-Eyed Model, the Integrative Developmental Model (IDM), and the philosophy of Robin and Joan Shohet as presented in their book 'In Love with Supervision'. The Shohets' philosophy deeply impacts my practice, emphasizing the critical role of love, connection, and vulnerability in the supervisory relationship.

I see supervisory relationships as mutually enriching and growth-promoting experiences. While supervision can be considered a procedural checklist or a risk assessment by some, I believe it holds a deeper significance. It's a vast topic with varying interpretations, but I view it as an interconnected dialogue best led by the supervisee. In metaphorical terms, I perceive Supervision as a safe container, a reflective mirror, and a creative playground. But how do you view supervision?

Throughout our sessions, I'll ensure that you feel secure, confident, and at ease to discuss your work and motivations, aiming to sustain this supportive environment.

The input from supervisees is invaluable for me, serving as the cornerstone of our collaborative partnership.

Being a therapist often comes with a sense of isolation due to the confidential nature of the work. The emotional burden of what you carry is considerable, given the profound importance of your work. Supervision offers a supportive space to share this burden, dissect it, lighten your load, and work through potential barriers, enhancing the depth of your work with clients.

As a deep thinker, I have a penchant for complex and challenging cases. While some supervisors might lean more towards giving advice and conducting risk assessments, my focus is more on being present with the supervisee, fostering our relationship, and centring the client work.

I am committed to embodying the role of a 'caring supervisor.' We can explore your current position as a therapist, your feelings about your unique clients, and strategies that could help you fully engage in the therapeutic space.

Ethics and principles form the bedrock of our therapeutic community, and I believe it's crucial to continuously question these. My goal is to offer a safe space where supervisees can reflect on ethical dilemmas and safeguarding concerns, ensuring they never feel alone with these challenges. I hold the conviction that anything can be brought to supervision, once a sense of safety is established.

If you resonate with my approach and you're looking for a supervisor who will challenge you in a caring manner and also support and encourage you personally, please feel free to contact me.

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For any other questions - Please contact me directly via Email.

I look forward to working with you.

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