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Holding Hands

R e l a t i o n s h i p  C o u n s e l l i n g

Having relationship trouble isn't uncommon


After all, we are all independent people with our own goals and needs, so coming together can be trying at times.

There are very few relationships that are conflict free.

Maybe you feel that you're not being heard by your partner, or maybe you feel heard with no resolution.

Maybe there has been infidelity and you are finding it hard to move on from.

Maybe you feel controlled and trapped.

Or maybe you feel you need a safe space to tell your partner something that you've kept hidden.

Relationship Counselling can be very beneficial.

Having a therapist who acts as an intermediary, will give you both time to be heard and to hear, to find solutions to your relationship and individual needs.

Attachment-based therapy can also be beneficial if one or both of you have insecure attachments. See Attachment-Based Therapy for more information.


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