P s y c h o g e n i c  S y m p t o m s

Having a physical symptom with no medical proof of a underlining medical condition?

There is a possibility it may be psychogenic*, this means there is no physical evidence to support a medical condition.

Also known as "Conversion", psychogenesis is when physical symptoms are triggered by past or present psychological trauma and or stress. It is a neurological condition which is un explained in a medical evaluation.

In other words, your emotional state 'coverts' into a physical experience.

Everyone deals with conversion to some extent. Some people sweat or tremble when they're nervous, others may find they become tired, dizzy or nauseous in moments of heightened stress or anxiety. It's a normal human reaction, but for a few it can become difficult to live a functional life.

Maybe you have had this diagnosis by your doctor or GP and found it difficult to come to terms with. You may want there to be physical evidence of your physical symptom, so you can fix the issue with medication or surgery.

You may feel no one is listening to you. Or that you feel that people believe "It's all in your head".

Psychogenic conditions are very real, and can be debilitating.

With personal experience and lengthy study with psychogenic symptoms, we offer support and therapy to those experiencing physical symptoms with no medical evidence, including;

  • Pain*

  • Dystonic movements*

  • Blindness*

  • Paralysis*

  • Ticks, tremors and twitches*

  • Vocal ticks including involuntary swearing and many more*

Therapy is unique, so if you don't see the psychogenic symptom you would like support with, ask your therapist. We're here to accommodate and adapt.

Psychogenic symptoms may be helped with both talking therapy and hypnotherapy.

* Before beginning with us to address your psychogenic symptoms in therapy, you will need to consult your GP to get a diagnosis of a psychogenic disorder, to rule out the possibility of an underlining medical health issue. You will be asked for an approval letter from your doctor to work with us regarding your psychogenic symptoms.

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