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Joanna Stokoe FNCIP (Accred), MCNHC, PGDip, CCTP, HPD, ADCH, PsyDip.

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Specialised Subjects

  • Identity

  • Flashbacks

  • Motivation

  • Social Difficulty

  • BPD

  • Intense Emotions

  • Panic Attacks

  • Relationships

  • Dissociation

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Joanna works from Richmond & Online (UK and International Clients).

Joanna is an Accredited NCIP Integrative Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and holds membership with the CNHC.

If you're reading this profile, you may be ready for a shift in your life.

I work with individuals and couples for short or long term therapy, depending on the clients needs.

Together, we can foster a tranquil, secure, and calming sanctuary for judgement-free self-exploration. It's such a safe space that often paves the way to a heightened clarity and self-awareness for those I work with.

Trauma can often cause individuals to perceive themselves as 'broken'. My role is to guide you on the journey towards healing those fragmented pieces, offering a space where your experiences can be acknowledged, facilitating a movement towards a sense of unity and completeness.

In the course of our collaboration, many clients discover facets of themselves they may have never known before, gaining a newfound sense of control as the therapy journey unfolds.

I'm here to alleviate your worries and anxieties, to cultivate self-compassion, and to equip you with problem-solving skills that will serve you for a lifetime, enabling you to become your own best problem-solver.


In my practice, I place a significant emphasis on trauma-informed work, compassion, person-centred, and psychodynamic approaches. I am deeply committed to helping individuals who wish to work within, to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and to feel acknowledged, heard, and empowered.

In my practice, I fuse an array of counselling skills, psychotherapy techniques, and hypnotherapy, thus employing a truly integrative approach.

The theoretical underpinnings of my approach are sourced from various disciplines and techniques, including but not limited to; Attachment Theory, Person-Centred approach, Polyvagal theory, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Psychoanalysis, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Parts Therapy (IFS), EMDR, Flash Technique and more.

I hold a great interest in my work and am a deep and considered thinker, drawing from many philosophies & psychotherapeutic models. I enjoy the client-therapist relationship and often see how it creates real, significant and lasting change.

For more info on Trauma Treatment please click here

About Joanna


  • Psychoneuroimmunology (PGDip)

  • Clinical Supervision Diploma (CSDip)

  • Flash Technique For Trauma (FT)

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

  • Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma (PsyDip)

  • Integrative Counselling Certification (Cert-C)

  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (ADCH)

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

  • Positive Psychology (PosPsy)

  • Attachment-Based Therapy

  • Solution Focused Therapy (SFBT)

  • Emotional Freedom Technique Certification (EFT)

  • Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Certification (EMDR)

  • NLP Practitioner Certification (NLP Prac)

  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD)

  • Hypnotherapy for Dementia Symptoms

I initially studied with the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (SCCP), known for its quality and excellence in Advanced Hypnotherapy and Integrative Psychotherapy. I have continued my Study with CPD in a number of areas, to better inform my practice.

I am also an accredited supervisor for other registered therapists and care professionals, accredited by the NCIP.

Now, enough about me. I would like to hear how you are, what you're struggling with and what the future you want, looks like?


Feel free to reach out and tell me your story, I look forward to helping you get the relief you want, and the future you so greatly deserve.

Quiet Desk

Supervision For Therapists
Read More about Joanna as a Supervisor

Joanna Stokoe
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