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Richmond & Weybridge

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Joanna Stokoe MNCP, MCNHC, MNSPsy, MHA, ADCH, PsyDip, CertC, PosPsy, SFBT, NLP Prac

Private Therapy London, Richmond Therapist

Specialised Subjects



Low Mood

Negative Thoughts

Obsessive Thoughts

Career Pressure


Self Esteem


Public Speaking


Social Difficulty

Erectile Dysfunction

Loss of Libido

Panic Attacks

Quit Smoking


Psychogenic Symptoms

Childhood Trauma

In Person Sessions or Online Sessions Available

Joanna offers; Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy with practices in both Richmond and Weybridge.

I help clients to feel; strong, resilient, self empowered and more in control.

A calm, relaxing and transparent environment to be heard and listened to with empathy is what brings growth clarity to my clients.

Considering therapy? Perfect! Let me tell you a little about me and what I offer;

I offer professional Counselling, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy to both individuals and couples.


I work with clients to help them get back to themselves to feel more in control, relieve worries & concerns and achieve solving issues.


I am an integrative therapist and what I've found with my clients is; there is no 'one size fits all' approach. Life can change from one moment to the next bringing new challenges, so a mixture of approaches is ideal.

I work with my clients to find practical and long lasting solutions - solutions that suit you, as an individual.


I specialise in a number of subjects and support clients from many different backgrounds and difficulties.


Whether you are looking for Individual Therapy, Relationship Counselling, Solution Focused Therapy, Hypnotherapy or Coaching, whatever your reason for therapy I am here to support you through it.


I am accredited and registered with the NSPsy & HA, along with a full membership with the NCP and registered with the CNHC.


I hold Qualifications a in Integrative Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Relationship Counselling, Positive Psychology, Solution focused Therapy, EFT, EMDR Plus, NLP and Art Therapy. I studied at Surrey University with the Surrey College of Clinical Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy (SCCP), known for its quality and excellence in Advanced Hypnotherapy and Integrative Psychotherapy.


Now, enough about me. I would like to hear how you are, what you're struggling with and what the future you want looks like?


Please feel free contact me directly with any questions or to book your session. I look forward to supporting you, for a better and more fulfilling future.

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