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Research & Evidence

We feel it's important to give you the skinny on why we provide the services that we do, and show some evidence of the effectiveness.


Here's 3 reasons why we choose to show evidence of the effectiveness of our mental health services & treatment:

We like transparency & clear communication

When there's evidence of the effectiveness of our therapists modalities and treatments, we feel it's important to clearly communicate it. We feel this helps our clients have trust and confidence in what we offer. We've found that clients are more likely to seek help and follow through with treatment when they see evidence of it's effectiveness.

Informed decision-making

We respect our clients' autonomy and we feel it's our duty to provide information that can give our clients clarity on what is provided, and why. We want to support individuals in making their own decisions.

Reduce stigma

By demonstrating the effectiveness of mental health services & treatment, we hope to contribute to the reduction of stigma associated with mental health problems. This is in the hope that we can encourage people to seek help earlier, before their mental health concerns become more severe.

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