L o s s  &  B e r e a v e m e n t

Are you loosing or have you lost a loved one due to an on going medical condition?

Maybe a sudden unexpected loss that makes you feel a strong sense of injustice.

Ending of a relationship?

Moving away from your culture?

Or maybe you feel you have lost your identity.

This can feel, and be strenuous to your emotional and psychical wellbeing.

Maybe you feel guilty about letting go and feeling happier?

Catching yourself in those smiling moments, to be reminded that you should be feeling low that your loved one is not here with you to enjoy that moment.

We all experience loss in different ways, and having the time to deal with grief can seem impossible.

Setting aside time and finding a space, dedicated to you and your loss, is crucial for your healing.

If you are dealing with the feelings of loss and would like to speak with someone at your own pace, contact one of our therapist to arrange a session - we're here for you.

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