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What is Dramatherapy?

A type of psychotherapy is dramatherapy. Dramatherapists are clinicians and artists who utilise drama, storytelling, music, movement, and other forms of art as a tool for psychological therapy. They use these tools to address any issues that come up, in an indirect manner that results in psychological, emotional, and social changes.


Clients are able to examine a wide range of diverse difficulties, emotions and issues from autism and dementia to physical/sexual abuse and mental illness.


Dramatherapists can be found in a wide range of contexts, including schools, mental health facilities, general social services, prisons, the non profit sector and private mental health services. They frequently have training in theatre, medicine, or teaching.

Dramatherapists use both vocal and nonverbal dramatic approaches when working with their clients. Dramatherapy does not always rely solely on spoken language to address issues that a client or patient may wish to confront or explore. As vocalisation, story making, and discussion are essential components of the therapy, Dramatherapy also relies on these techniques. Movement and embodiment are essential components of the approach. Dramatherapists provide therapeutic support to a wide spectrum of people, groups, and organisations dealing with serious challenges.


The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registers and regulates Dramatherapists after they complete a Masters-level programme at an approved university course. Many Dramatherapists are certified integrative psychotherapists and can use an array of other modalities and tools to help aid their clients self development.


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