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How we can support you

Loss & Bereavement

What is psychotherapy and counselling, and what is the difference?

Psychotherapy and Counselling are both talking therapies.

Counselling refers to short-term therapy, focusing on behaviour patterns.


Psychotherapy focuses on working with clients for the long-term goal of analysing and understanding emotional issues and ....


Having relationships trouble isn't uncommon.

After all, we are all independent people, with our own goals and needs, so coming together can be trying at times.

There are very few relationships which are conflict free.

Maybe you feel unheard by your partner, or maybe you feel heard with no resolution?

To put it simply, Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness.

'Hypno' is derived from the greek word 'Hupnos', meaning 'Sleep'.

Most people have an incorrect understanding of hypnosis, so first, lets clear thing up.

Hypnosis happens in your everyday life. This is called 'hypnoidal states' and they happen many times a day.

It's that moment when you've been walking or driving, and realise ...


Having a physical symptoms with no medical proof of a underlining medical condition?

There is a possibility it may be psychogenic.

This means there is no physical evidence to support diagnosis for a medical condition.

It is also known as "Conversion", where physical symptoms are triggered by past or present psychological trauma.

Loosing or have lost a loved one due to an on going medical condition?

Maybe a sudden unexpected loss that makes you feel a strong sense of injustice?

Ending of a relationship?

Moving away from your culture?

Or maybe you feel you have lost your identity?

This can feel and be strenuous to your emotional wellbeing.


We help so many people with so many unique situations. We have much more to write about when it comes to what we offer and how we can help.

If you feel you have specific issues, challenges or difficulties that you would like to discuss or maybe you have questions, please contact a therapist directly.