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An In-depth Look At Joanna's Approach

From personal to formal study, I have insight into many different modalities and practices that I continue to develop, even now. I feel that; every client is different, which means every client deserves something unique, and this is why continual professional development is so important to me.

For there is no-one, like you.

I work with and considering the following approaches:

Carl Jung Theory's

The unconscious

Personality types

Use of art therapy

Dream interpretation




Carl Rogers Theory's

Humanistic/Person-Centred therapy

Personal development

Self Actualisation

Self Esteem

Self Image


Sigmund Freud's Theory's


The Psyche

Defence Mechanisms

Dream Analysis

Psychosexual Stages

Abraham Maslow's Theory's

Hierarchy of Needs

Transpersonal Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology

Also other techniques such as

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

EMDR Plus - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

DBT - Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Attachment Theory/Attachment Therapy

Positive Psychology

Gestalt Psychology

Solution Focused Therapy

Inner Child Work

Existential Therapy

All Sounding too technical? Not sure what approach you're after? Give Joanna a call, email or text to request a call back - She'll be happy to answer any questions.

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