F i r s t  T i m e  In  T h e r a p y ?

First timer?

You're probably wondering how it works, what to expect.

Your therapist offers a non judgemental space so that you can speak openly about whats going on your life that have brought you to look for answers and support.


Your time in therapy is there for you to give yourself time to get the answers you're looking for from yourself, to question, release and heal. A place where you can express your vulnerable side without being shut down.



Is it really judgement free?

You're therapist is there to sit with you no matter how you feel, and give you the support that can't be found in your usual day-to-day life.

If you feel judged, this is your perception; a reflection of your own feelings or concerns about yourself and the subject matter you've brought to therapy. You're therapist is there to help you, not to judge you. Working through feeling of judgement for some people, is a key part of their therapy process.


Here's Some Tips on how to help yourself in your therapy sessions.

Be open and honest.

Honesty is essential. Especially with yourself. We all have feeling around dishonesty.


How frequent?


The usual is once a week. This allows for regular intervals between sessions so that you can continue living your life but with support.


The regularity of sessions is important for the structure of self development and to tackle those issue you face.


If its inly hypnotherapy you are looking for, in some cases with things such as addiction, more frequent sessions are required.